The Original Manufacturer of
Thermal Actuators

As a global market leader, we offer an extensive product range of thermal and motoric valve actuators for underfloor heating/cooling and building control systems. Our hi-tech actuators stand apart for their compact designs, excellent quality, sophisticated functionality, long service lives and easy assembly.

World-wide market leadership

A vision and passion in one

Over 30 years of experience with the design and manufacturing of HVAC control technology products resulted in world-wide market leadership in the field of thermal actuators,  from early idea to market leadership, an unprecedented success story of German quality and dedication.

The company was founded by Hellmuth Möhlenhoff in Salzgitter, Germany
Experience as an original equipment manufacturer
Valve actuators produced since the company’s foundation

The original is only one

The unique and contemporary designs of various actuator generations are copied many times, from the outside, however, not from the inside, the heart of the technology: this is where quality is designed and maintained over many years of reliable operation.


German Design and tested
All our products are designed and tested by German engineers using the highest quality standards based on the tradition of the famous German engineering.


Tradition and experience
Many years of experience as the first large scale manufacturer of thermal actuators


Certified German Tüv

Our designs and processes are tested and certified by the renowned German certification institute Tüv. A guarantee that standards are correctly applied.


We set standards

Möhlenhoff GmbH is by far the market leader in this field setting the standards in terms of quality and production capacity offering the best technology at competitive prices

...and We know how.


What products do we offer?

Our product range includes individual components and turnkey control systems for underfloor and radiator heating, air-conditioning and building control systems. Room temperature controls, thermal and motoric valve actuators as well as accessories create perfectly coordinated systems that set new standards. Intelligent solutions for complex smart home concepts round off the portfolio.

Company history

The story of Möhlenhoff
One thing our story shows is that a small idea can gather momentum in a way nobody involved at the beginning could have predicted. As a result, a small electrical products business in Salzgitter-Salder became a world market leader.

Möhlenhoff GmbH

Traditional yet innovative:

Möhlenhoff GmbH, Salzgitter, Germany

Your partner for sophisticated indoor climate solutions with longstanding expertise in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.

Actuator Technology

Actuator Technology

Our trusted actuators allow reliable and precise control of virtually any valve.

Room Control Technology

Individual Room Temperature Control

The new generation of our comfort individual room temperature control guarantees maximum energy efficiency and comfort that goes the extra mile.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Intelligent Smart Home Technology brings the future to your own four walls, making homes more comfortable, more secure and more energy efficient.


Moehlenhoff (Wuxi) HVAC Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Sales Team for China is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and would be very pleased to provide you with any information you may require.

Future through ideas

Take the original – Möhlenhoff GmbH

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How to recognize the original?

Be sure to take the original: either branded for our customers or with the Möhlenhoff brand: if you find the M sign on the actuator it will be the original.

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Where to get the original?

Whether you are a wholesaler, a distributor or an OEM yourself, contact us if you want to join the best in class, only we can provide you with the original.

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Future through ideas
Tradition and innovation

Since the company was founded in 1951, our base in Salzgitter-Salder (in North Germany) has been the hub of all our global activities. Agencies and sales partners mean we’re never far away anywhere in the world.